What God Taught Me About Healing

People hurt people. It’s a sad truth. A truth that will cling to this life until death.  Reflecting on your own life, what’s a hurt that you can see on your heart?  How are you handling that hurt? Are you avoiding any form of acknowledgment, while simultaneously turning a blind eye to the people that…

I Thought Something Was Wrong With Me

This is my story. I had a wholesome childhood. I was raised in a Christian home, my parents homeschooled me and my two siblings (so I had a pretty close relationship with my family), and I grew up knowing that my father and mother loved and cherished me. I also knew my Father in heaven…

My Story

Let’s start with a question: what do you think is the longest distance in the world? How many of you think it’s the Pan-American Highway? The Pacific Rim trail? The lines at Disneyland? What if I told it was none of these, but rather the distance from your head to your heart. Today I am…

Actions Betray Beliefs

You can identify more things about a person by watching what they do then what they say. How often do do you say one thing and do the other? I want to go for a run. You don’t left the couch. I’m about to finish this book on productivity. You leave the book closed. Although…

About Us

His Priceless Design is a Christ centered community of women encouraging each other to live their identity in Christ and to heal from wounds on their heart.

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