His Priceless Design

We are a community proclaiming the priceless design of women.

Answering questions like “How was I designed?” “Who am I?” “Why does my heart desires to be romanced, play an irreplaceable role, and have beauty to unveil?” And from answering these questions healing the wounds each of us has on our hearts.

Our hope is that you will discover, joy, freedom, and a new heart.

– his priceless design

Your Identity

Identity is a fundamental part of the human experience.

Too often we give the power of identity to people or things instead of God. Discover the incredible design God has for you, as a woman of God.

Find Healing

The healing of your feminine heart is central to Jesus’ mission.

About His Priceless Design

Project First Love is one of the resources we offer at our workshop. To take the challenge and fill out your own template, click here.

Our Blog

Bite sized information about our mission, empowering woman to avoid any foundation besides Christ to ultimately heal the wounds on the heart.

Attend A Workshop

Embark on the journey from your head to your heart. To understand His priceless design, YOU.

What People Say

“Diving into the study I was forced to re-evaluate my perspective on femininity and what it is that the female heart truly desires!

Instead of feeling high maintenance or “too much” I have been able to realize WHY we have the desires we do and how we can use these natural gifts to further move the Lord’s purpose in our daily lives!”

Rosalie Kent

Community and Upcoming Events

Join our community and share your progress on the journey to understanding your identity.